SCIENTIFIC STUDY | climate change to cause migration, land conservation will need to adapt too

A study by the University of Washington (USA) finds that many species of flora and fauna will likely begin to migrate due to climate change, with conservation efforts needing to shift to allow these migrations to be effective.

By nature, all organisms need specific conditions within which to thrive, and to which they have evolved and adapted to thrive under: a certain amount of light, the correct temperature range they can tolerate, and access to the necessary sources of food, water, and shelter.

With climate change currently disrupting this existing natural order, the world may begin to notice the shift in animals and plants moving to the environment they can survive in, whether that be a cooler or warmer area depending on how the climate has impacted their current environment.

Currently, existing efforts to protect species worldwide rely on information about where those species live at present. The study analyzed whether taking climate change into consideration during conservation planning could protect future biodiversity more effectively than they are being protected currently, and also looking at the financial costs of implementing solutions to address this issue.

Lead author and UW professor in their School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, Joshua Lawler, says, "We are going to need to protect different places if we want to protect biodiversity in the future," noting that we will need to consider where species will go as the climate changes and plan accordingly and that current practices should evolve too.

via Science Daily

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