LOCAL NEWS | National Tourism Management Plan unveiled in the Cayman Islands

Tourism Minister Mr Moses Kirkconnell unveiled The National Tourism Management Plan last week, which emphasized the effects that climate change will pose to the tourism sector. Designed to guide the country's development of tourism until the year 2023, the NTMP outlines the requirements of the government to mitigate the impacts of climate change on tourism.

Highlighting the challenges of sea level rise, increased storm activity, flooding, coral bleaching, and beach erosion - all of which have begun to occur as a result of climate change in the Cayman Islands and globally - the NTMP indicates measures that should be implemented to reverse or halt the effects of climate change on the natural coastal and marine environments, which Cayman's tourism is heavily reliant upon.

The NTMP details the threats and risks of climate change on Cayman's tourism industry, outlining some measures it believes the Cayman Islands Government should implement to combat these challenges. Further, the Plan calls for a local law to stop development that does not take climate change mitigation into account.

View the National Tourism Management Plan 2019-2023 here.

via The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

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