LOCAL NEWS | Central Caribbean Marine Institute welcomes coral resilience expert

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) in Little Cayman has added Dr Gretchen Goodbody-Gringley as its Director of Research to their team. Dr Gretchen is a marine scientist who specializes in coral reef science, and will be helping to expand CCMI's coral research program, supporting their research into identifying coral reef resiliency in a changing climate, which they hope will translate to healthy oceans and vibrant reefs for the future. She will also be establishing a new Reef Ecology & Evolution Lab, bringing CCMI a step closer to fulfilling their vision. CCMI hopes to identify these resilient coral species in order to determine which species may need to be protected now in order to flourish in the future.

Dr Gretchen's vision is to see CCMI become a world-class dive center as well as a molecular and genetics laboratory, placing the Cayman Islands at the forefront of scientific research in the Caribbean region. Her previous work examined mechanisms that could potentially boost coral resilience to climate change, a very real threat to corals globally that has already begun to affect coral populations worldwide.

With her new research program, Dr Gretchen aims to increase CCMI's understanding of "the resilience of coral reefs through examinations of adaptation and acclimatization of coral reef organisms using a combination of large-scale ecosystem observations, small-scale laboratory experiments, and molecular ecology."

Welcome to Cayman, Dr Gretchen, we're so proud to be the home of your new research lab and we wish you all the best! We're so excited to see how our corals will benefit from your expertise!

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